Thursday, July 15, 2021

July 14 Hash Trash

The Hash Cajunipede Trail
Hare: Testicular Mechanics
Bag Car: E = I'm a Douche
Pack: Angry Crotch, Cummie Sticks, Do Me Decimal, Dribbles, Edward Sissyhands, Extra Terresticle, Fellowship of the Cockring, Frosty the F*ckman, Goat Throat, Holy Dumpster Fire, Just Ali, Just Ethan, Just Harry, Just Matt, Just Namir, Luva Lamp, Mudslut, No Man on the Moon, Orgasm Famine, Po Po Peepshow, Puker Blooper, Sex the Final Frontier, Shits and Ladders, Silence of the Skinflute, Strap On Strap Off, The Buttler Hit It, Tinder Dick, Virgin Chris, Wikipedophilia
Pre-lube: Dana Square Park
Beer Check 1: Old Morse Park
Shot Check: BU Sargent Activities Center Parking Lot
Beer Check 2: Amory Playground
On-in: Magazine Beach
I'll start this by saying that you really can just walk a Testicular Mechanics trail and never be more than two blocks from the FRBs because every check is a challenge to solve. His trails are not poorly laid, he just makes you work for your beer. Or you can walk trail, have everyone else work for their beers, and be just three minutes behind the pack. And on a muggy night like last night, I chose the latter.
This trail was a hash cajunipede--every mark was a check and every check was a hash sitapede. This was all fine and well until I saw BN used as a check. Just imagine being on trail, seeing that, and thinking "Beer Near!" then immediately followed with "Oh no he didn't!"
The part of trail people will be talking about for ages will be his use of a feature that I have not seen done in my 12 years of hashing. He laid trail across the train tracks over the Charles River under the BU Bridge. These are live tracks, though I've never seen a train go faster than 5 mph on them. I'm not excusing his use of the tracks, just pointing out that had a train come through, any hashers on the bridge could have outran it. Some hashers did cross the tracks, while others went over the BU Bridge and met everyone on the other side. It was a bold move by the hare.
We circled up at Magazine Beach where "her hairs were all full of weeds from squatting in the sitapedes..." We welcomed Virgin Chris, from Cambridge, brought by Goat Throat. He was not worthy (he did show up in a CRC shirt), but we took him anyway. Sissyhands and Po Po drank for July birthdays. Then we moved on to accusations.
At this point, Shits wasted no time calling Just Ali into circle. He started off by accusing her of riding in a cop car to a drink check at the SNDT hash, but it was just a ruse to get her into circle for her naming. She entered the circle and the stories, questions, and name suggestions started flying. On last night's trail, she allegedly offered to give a harriette an IUD in an alley, which I thought could form the basis of a future business--Ali's IUDs in the Alley (in Your Alley?), LLC. I think we're on to something here. She has hashers in the family, but not her parents, they're Trumpers. She was asked to tell some embarrassing story, which she refused to share out of fear of her parents finding out. For real, she brought the pack to the precipice of hearing some really juicy details about herself, then left us all hanging. Names like Make Your Parents Disappointed Again, Cop Tease, and IUD Me in the Alley were offered, but one name was chosen above all others, so let's welcome Blue Balls Matter.
Accusations continued with one for those who did more than 69 hash sitapedes: Po Po, Fellowship, Tinder, and one other. (Surprisingly, those who did 0 hash sitapedes were never called in.) Just Harry was called in for a hash crash, though it was Just Ethan that went into circle to drink. Not sure if someone was confusing the two, they aren't quite CEP/Doucheland doppelgangers, but they are both bearded men with similar hair styles/colors. Goat drank for his virgin's faux pas of wearing a CRC shirt, as did Just Namir and Cummie Sticks for their racist attire. Goat was also accused of doing part of trail on a bicycle. Topless Barbie was called in for auto hashing. Then Sex accused Cummie Sticks of losing a $20 bill, his driver's license, and his credit card on the bridge. Wiki never saw a mark and was FRB to everything, so Testicular drank.
As for announcements, Tinder is doing a Swan Song Swan Drink next Wednesday at the Hong Kong, 50 Shades of Glaze is haring Beantown on Sunday from the Silhouette, Strap On Strap Off needs a cohare for the 28th, there's a finish the beer Ball Buster on the 24th, and a Red Dress Run on August 7th. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. Leave any other announcements in the comments.