Thursday, October 6, 2016

Last Official Wednesday Trail of the Year!

Last Official Wednesday Trail of the Year!
Hares: Shits and Ladders and LuvaLamp
Bag Car: A limping Butler
Pack: Wiki, Blackie, CEP, Easy as 123, Sex the Final Frontier, Bonor Donor, Just Ben, Just Roberto, Just Linda?, Just Andy, female just whose name I forget, O Bonor, Virgin we found outside prelube, transplant from Halve Mein, Dribbles, Clit Notes, Sloppy Thirds, Sloppy's just, more I forget
Hashers gathered on a lovely Wednesday evening at 21st amendment for the last “official” Wednesday trail of the year before we lose our excuse to get drunk mid-week. Prelube was a bit crowded and dark but we drank beers and made merry anyway. As we were loading our bags into bag car we found a runner on the street who was convinced to join us for the evening. Blackie and CEP showed our new Virgin friend the marks at chalk talk and we all ran off into the hills of Beacon Hill. 
Trail went down the hill to the Bowdoin T stop. I am pretty sure I missed a group hug before it then weaved through back alleys and pathways to the Garden. We followed marks around the back of the Garden, came across some drugged up people standing on a tit check, and followed the narrow sneaky path under a bridge to the locks. A BN on our way into the dog park on the other side inspired speed in Bonor Donor who proclaimed his excitement over being towards the front of pack!
We drank Harpoon UFO pumpkin and PBR under a tree in the park. It was like a cute first date! Eventually we ran off under the Charlestown bridge towards the Coast Guard ship yard and into Charlestown. We briefly lost trail before someone found it again and led us up the hill to the big pointy phallic object someone built up there. I guess tourists call it Bunker Hill Monument but why do those things always look like a scary Penis? Washington monument has the same issue. I followed marks down the hill and through some driveways and alleys. Much of pack seemed to zen a bit. Eventually we found a BN at the bottom of some stairs leading up to a playground. As I opened my beer someone (sorry I was drunk so I forget who) came up to me and said why are there children on the swings at night?! I informed this distressed hasher that those were not children. They were hashers having a lovely evening ride on the swings. We drank our beers, the hares left, and after an appropriate amount of time we followed. 
We ran down a big hill to some projects and up some stairs into one of the complexes. By we I mean trail did that and some people followed it. I stayed outside on the lawn and tried to figure out where trail exited the building to avoid the chance of neighborhood altercations. I found some drinking underage miscreants who informed me the people went that way. They were wrong so it took me a bit to find people again but after winding through a few more blocks I found pack at a hash sitapeed. They don’t feel nearly as easy when all of pack is at least 3 beers in but we didn’t all fall over and ran on. Before I knew it I was running up to Old Sully’s. ON-IN!
We piled into the back room and beer arrived. Eventually circle started. We sang to our hares, accused them of getting Wiki lost, finding too many hills, not enough projects, etc. They drank for their sins. Blacky and Easy were FRB and FBI. Someone who was not Butler was DFL. We welcomed our transplant to Boston and he sang to us about his time in cell block 4. The virgin was called in and congratulated / told he was stupid for staying with us all the way to the end. We asked him if he thought he was good at math. As he struggled to figure out the square root of 69 Dribbles told me about how she questions our American math education because people seem to struggle so much with that question. The Virgin somehow survived having Wiki as a sponsor, did his down-down and arose a virgin no more. Then I missed something and somehow we were singing S&M man. More stuff might have happened but I tune out as soon as we get to long songs in circle. Eventually we swang low and ate delicious BBQ roast beef sandwiches! 
If you missed it you missed a fun trail!
Orgasm Famine


AGM!!!! is October 16th at 1pm, Prelube is Coppersmiths in South Boston