Monday, July 9, 2018

Donut Hash

Hash trash for Doughnuts trail!

Hares: 50 shades of Glaze & Honorable Vaginal Discharge 
Combined I make 50 shades of discharge 😱
Baggo: Rimjob Ringleader the Greatest Hoe On Earth & the Hasher formerly known as Dog Dick Afternoon- we’ll get there!

So there we were meeting outside of a doughnut shop near Fenway where we found a stroller of babies on the sidewalk waiting but they had a check bag at gate claim ticket so we’re sure they could be taken care of by some whole mein. ‘‘Twas a small pack that gathered Nei for doughnuts and running and drink drank drunking! We were joined by Do Me & Mr. Bean & just Mark a transplant from DC on his first Boston trail! We circled up for chalk talk in a parking garage giving the attendants quite a show with Rimmy Vana White displaying hash marks as Do Me hashsplained to our visitors & transplants how we do in Boston- very important biggest of importants believe me. Hares were gay long after start time which is the norm as we feasted on our doughnuts and spiked cold coffee. Trail was a beautiful glazing I mean blazing day of 85 degrees with a chance of doughnuts throughout body building parks in which hash stories of travel Whore glory were told and drinks were served of Oj and vodka because that’s how one does wash down doughnuts. Up and over and onon through a splash pad to cool down in the shade of a dog park to empty the vodka & beers and learn that Just Mark was to be named at his next trail in DC but moved here... keep this his in mind! Then through the concrete jungle to our next park which we were joined by spank me in his muggle garb who thought worldly fooseball for England was more important than r*unning trail ! Then the Sambuca started flowing and the tales of namessakes were told & we learned we speak more than 9 languages combined & that we needed more doughnuts so on out to the end another dough nutery in front of Whoresbox house who was also being a fooseball English wank but joined us by stumbling across our circle in a hidden courtyard with a hammock! In whence the final hashy story was told in a circle jointly RA’d by Mr. Bean Rimmy & Do Me the tale of Dog Dick Afternoon’ cuming of goo on the day of Ref White & Blue. Where he blew his load and it shot out like fireworks & landing on the batshit husky! Gooey fur Gooey fur led to the renaming of Dog Dick in which he will now be known for the next 6,999 hashes as Cum Dog Millionaire !!! 🤘🔛🔛 thanks for a shitty trail & doughnut party that ended at remnant brewing where we met HVD’s coworker who now knows her hash life matters & will probably cum as a virgin! Great day ended with Thai food and a new transplant a new name and a new recruit all enacted by a new visitor !
 On On Wanks

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